Mainer Jobs provides employment listings exclusively for small, locally owned and operated Maine businesses and nonprofits. Listings are published online at mainerjobs.com and in the print edition of Mainer, the free monthly magazine widely distributed in Southern, Midcoast and Central Maine.

Our rates are $15 for one job listing posted for 30 days on mainerjobs.com, and $75 for the 30-day online listing AND publication of that listing in the next print edition of Mainer. Deadlines for print listings are below.

To place a larger ad for your business or organization in Mainer or on our magazine’s website, mainernews.com, contact Jesse Galkowski (207-502-4104; jesse@mainernews.com) or Capt. Carle Hildreth (207-450-9428; carle@mainernews.com).

Mainer Jobs is owned and operated by the Mainer News Cooperative, a worker-owned enterprise. Mainer is the new incarnation of The Bollard, the free monthly news-and-arts magazine and website established in 2005.

Mainer Jobs listings are limited to businesses and organizations with fewer than 1,000 workers. Companies and nonprofits posting on Mainer Jobs must be based in Maine and wholly or majority-owned by Maine residents. Mainer Jobs reserves the right to remove listings posted by ineligible businesses (refunds will be provided in those cases).

If you have questions or comments about Mainer Jobs, call or e-mail Mainer editor Chris Busby at 207-252-8211 or editor@mainernews.com.

November 2020 Issue
Deadline: Oct. 30
Published: Nov. 4

December 2020 Issue
Deadline: Nov. 27
Published: Dec. 2

January 2021 Issue
Deadline: Dec. 23
Published: Dec. 30